The new DuckTales is so much better than the old DuckTales: EW review


It only took four episodes for the new DuckTales to do an homage to The Warriors. In Walter Hill’s 1979 clown-grunge B-flick, underworld emperor Cyrus assembles the differently costumed gangs of New York in Van Cortlandt Park. (He wants to know if they can digit.) On DuckTales, Ma Beagle assembles differently costumed Beagle Boy gangs in the junkyard. (It’s her birthday.) There are representatives from every Beagle crew: the Glam Yankees, the Déjà Vus, the Sixth Avenue Meanies, the Sixth Avenue Friendlies, the Longboard Taquitos, the Déjà Vus, the Tumblebums, the Déjà Vus…

Party-crashing this junkyard fiesta: Webbigail Vanderquack and her new friend Lena. Webby had some trouble with the Beagle Boys a couple episodes back. And Webby’s sorta family to Beagle nemesis Scrooge McDuck, richest being in the talking-animal world. So Webby and Lena run afoul of — and have to run away from — the pack of Beagles. They climb onto a rooftop and see McDuck Manor in the distance — somewhere out on that horizon, out beyond the neon lights. They spend the night fighting through Duckburg to get home, a couple war chieftesses struggling toward their own private Coney Island.

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Author: mike