The 15 Best 90s Games No One Played (And 15 Bad Games Everyone Did)


The idea of the 90s becoming “retro” is a concept that I find both bizarre and surprising. And it’s all gone by. It’s history now. It may not have been as truly awkward as the 80s, or as “difficult to recall” as the 70s, but man, it really was a wild ride.

Anyway, let’s conveniently sidestep the creeping realization that I might actually be aging and talk about video games, okay? Okay.

The 90s were also basically the runway from which rapid accelerations in technology would launch an inconceivable boom in gaming. Advanced graphical hardware, the internet, and home consoles would begin to reach a fevered pace in terms of development, snowballing in such a way that the momentum would become nigh unstoppable into the new millennium.

Of course, this led to tons upon tons of games hitting the market. Even with the sheer volume considered, a lot of these incredible and groundbreaking games are treated with the respect they’re due. Others flew under the radar, never quite attracting recognition despite being entirely worthy of it. Others still, well, are just plainly overrated. What can we say? While the two aren’t mutually exclusive by any means, “old” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”

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Author: mike