Anthony Hopkins Talks ‘Westworld’ and ‘Silence of The Lambs’ With the HFPA


Anthony Hopkins. In this episode, Hopkins looks back on his iconic role as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, speaks about his “odd” relationship with co-star Jodie Foster, and gives his brutally honest opinion on actors as a whole.

In this latest conversation, the Oscar-winner discusses how he improvised Hannibal Lecter’s infamous salivating sound in Silence of the Lambs, “I put that in on that day on the film set with Jodie Foster. I did that as an improv just in that moment, I didn’t intend to do it…. I didn’t intend it to become a centerpiece. It’s all an accident… I know what’s creepy, not because I’m creepy, but I do know what’s creepy. There’s something about, in my nature, something in my dark, subconscious mind I guess, that knows what’s creepy, what scares people. Quietness really scares people. Holding a stare scares people. And the quieter you get the more frightening you become.”

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Author: mike